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Our carefully curated selection of high-quality, lightweight, kids-specific bikes are easier for your child to ride and less likely to fail.

These bikes are designed from the ground-up for children; super lightweight, with specific frame geometry and adapted components.

Get to know our partner brands

Frog Bikes

Frog Bikes - a British Benchmark

What we say:

Thanks to over a decade focused exclusively on the design and development of children's bikes, today Frog offers the most comprehensive range of kids-specific bikes on the market, from 18th months to adulthood on-road and off, all designed and built in Great Britain. Frog has also partnered with Tour de France™ to release iconic yellow and black models!

What they say:

We have reformed the thinking behind children’s bike design following ground-breaking research by Brunel University's sports scientists and the renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis. We commissioned primary research from Brunel University Sports Scientists to create child specific geometry for all of our bike frames. Our Frog Fit technology allows you to measure a child and ensure the best fit for every young rider: Frog Fit


Naloo Bikes

Naloo Bikes - Swiss Precision

What we say:

From internal cabling and low bottom bracket placement, to handlebar design and rounded stems the attention to detail in Swiss-born and based Naloo's child-specific designs is impressive. Should you have the opportunity to meet their founders, their dedication to continued innovation along with a true passion for cycling would be immediately evident. Whether cruising lanes or attacking mean trails, Naloo has you thoughtfully covered, Swiss style!

What they say:

In the beginning, the idea was to produce lightweight and high-quality yet affordable children's bikes because quite simply there were hardly any around. After a two-year development process, not only light bicycles were created (about 30% lighter than conventional bicycles), but also particularly smart bicycles: adapted to the specific needs of children and their respective ages.

Every Naloo bicycle benefits from many years of experience of specialists in the fields of ergonomics, design and construction. And of course feedback from the little test drivers! Naloo does not just create small bicycles, but bicycles for children.


Rascal Bikes

Rascal Bikes - Joyful Design

What we say:

Rascal offer their own unique frame design with a boot-load of flair thanks to semi-transparent finishes on brushed aluminium frames, which we can assure you are even more eye-catching in person! Belt-drive transmissions and internal gear hubs are also features employed on much of Rascal's range that offers something a little different.

What they say:

Part of the children's cycling world since 2010, Rascal aim to make the ideal children's bike, which should be light, easy to ride, safe and of course, it should look good!

Joyfully designed in Brno, in the Czech Republic, Rascal bikes are designed with a full focus on children’s needs, such as geometry featuring a low centre of gravity and adapted gear ratios, which make Rascal bikes super fun and easy to ride.



Kids Ride Shotgun - Off road Early

What we say:

Kids Ride Shotgun is run by mountain bike enthusiasts who believe in getting kids riding trails early. Pioneer of bungee-style tow ropes, KRS now produces the gnarliset balance bikes around!

What they say:

Based in the North Island of New Zealand, we’re a close-knit team of mountain bike parents with a global vision – to raise the next generation of mountain bikers. Our 'shred-quarters' are located in Tauranga from where we design and manufacture a range of mountain bike products and accessories for families with children up to 5 years of age. We believe:

  • In getting kids off devices and onto mountain bike trails
  • In parents spending quality time with their kids
  • In fostering a love of nature and the outdoors

We believe that riding, and everything it offers, helps positively develop kids, and leaves a lasting impression on both parent and child. And we believe that this is genuinely good for the world.