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Q: What is a 'kids-specific' bike?

This means bikes designed from the ground-up for children; super lightweight, with specific frame geometry and adapted components (e.g. smaller diameter handlebars, shorter-reach brake levers, narrower cranks etc.). See individual bike descriptions for more information.

Q: Are you an online-only service?

Our aim is to provide a highly convenient online service backed by physical premises, including a workshop and a showroom. You are most welcome to visit us by appointment!

Q: Do bikes arrive assembled?

Yes! Unlike many pure online shops, all our bikes are assembled to the maximum extent possible in our workshop and checked prior to dispatch - you won't have to fit your own handlebars! Instructions and tools are provided for any minor final assembly (e.g. fitting pedals). If you want to avoid that too you can also arrange to collect your bike from our showroom - just let us know!

Q: Do you offer accessories?

Yes! We aim to offer carefully curated selections of quality accessories for each type of riding and age group. As with our bikes, we only stock items that we'd buy for our own children. Some of these are also available on a subscription basis.

Q: How do I know what size of bike is right for my child?

For each bike we provide an inside leg measurement range. It's important that you measure your child's inside leg and choose a bike that corresponds. Please see our bike guide for more information.

Q: What type of bike should I choose?

We stock a full range of bikes adapted for different styles of riding. If you only intend for your child to ride the bike on the road, a town or road bike might suit you best. A hybrid bike provides greater flexibility to also tackle easy trails. A mountain bike will be a bit more cumbersome on the road but allow full freedom off it!


Q: Are there any set-up costs?

No, there are no set-up costs. The first payment that we take is your first monthly subscription payment which activates your subscription.

Q: Is there a minimum contact term?

Yes, the minimum contract term is 12 months. This allows us to keep our subscription prices low and is a lot shorter than the length of time people typically own bikes, even fast-growing kids! Plus you can upgrade at any time after 6 months.

Q: When will my subscription start?

Your subscription will start the day after your bike is delivered / collected.

Q: What if my child damages the bike?

Kids are kids! Superficial scratches and other signs of normal wear and tear are included within your subscription, as well as handlebar grip replacement. Like most rentals, if there is a breakage where the client is at fault then this would need to be billed separately. In such an event, we would of course endeavour to repair the bike as cost-efficiently as possible to maintain your custom.

Q: Is maintenance included?

We fully maintain our subscription bikes between owners. Depending on use, your bike may benefit from some additional servicing whilst in your care which we would be glad to advise you on. We only stock bikes where we are able to obtain replacement parts and are here to help in the event of any accidental damage.

Q: Can I take my bike to another shop for maintenance if I need to?

Of course! You should use whichever professional maintenance serivces are most convenient for you, should the need arise. Whilst we are always here to advise, there is no need to contact us in such circumstances.

Q: Can I modify the bike?

You are free to add compatible parts or stickers so long as they can be safely removed without trace prior to returning the bike.

Q: What condition are the bikes, how old are they?

If you subscribe for a new bike, it's new! If you subscribe for a pre-loved bike it will be mechanically as good as new but may sport a few superficial marks from previous adventures! Our first bikes were all purchased new from manufacturers in mid-2023.

Q: Do I need to insure my subscription bike?

You are responsible for your bike whilst it is in your possession. We are not currently able to offer an insurance add-on, but hope to be able to soon. You may already be covered by existing household and / or civil liability insurance. If you are looking for additional cover you may wish to check

Q: When will my subscription end?

Your subscription will continue on a rolling monthly basis after the end of the 12 month minimum contract term until you chose to either upgrade to another bike, cancel your subscription or buy-out your bike.

Q: What do I need to do when my subscription ends?

We will confirm your instruction, the end date of your subscription and the date that you need to return the bike to us by. You are welcome to return the bike to one of our stores for free. Otherwise, we will send you a special purpose bag, with simple packing instructions, and can help you to arrange at-home collection.

For upgrades, shipping costs will depend on how soon you are changing bikes (free after 12 months for balance bikes and 18 months for all other bikes). For cancellations, return shipping costs are borne by the client, which will vary based on the bike size and your chosen collection day.

Q: Can I buyout a subscription bike?

Yes! It is possible to buy out a subscription bike from 12 months. Simply contact the Revolv Bikes team for the latest buyout price. For new bikes the buy-out price will be the original manufacturer recommended retail price (RRP) less the monthly subscription payments made, plus an administration fee equivalent to 10% of the RRP.


Q: When can I upgrade?

You can upgrade any time after 6 months for subscriptions and 12 months for buy-backs.

Q: When should I upgrade?

You should upgrade when your child is ready for the next size of bike, based upon their inside leg measurement as well as their skill level. Of course you can also change for a different type of bike!

Q: Are there costs to upgrade?

Upgrades are free of charge after 12 months. Prior to 12 months an exchange fee of CHF 15 for balance bikes and CHF 25 for all other bikes applies. Monthly subscription amounts are adjusted in-line with your chosen bike on the next monthly payment date. Delivery fees will be applied separately, as required. On exchange we share delivery and collection costs equally with customers, with customer fees of CHF 14.50 per balance bike and CHF 29.00 for all other bikes.

Q: How do bikes get exchanged?

We send you a bag to pack your old bike into, which you then hand to the courier when they deliver your new bike! Alternatively, you may visit our showroom in person, which would also allow you to see multiple bike options in the flesh!

Q: Can I upgrade before the end of my minimum contract term?

Yes! You can upgrade any time after 6 months. Your minimum contract term does not restrict upgrades as it resets to 12 months upon upgrade.

Q: What happens to my minimum contract term on upgrade?

Your minimum contract term is reset to 12 months upon upgrade.


Q: How does a buy-back work in a nutshell?

We offer to buy-back from you (in the form of a credit) any bike that we sell to you within three years of purchase for a pre-determined price!

Q: What are the benefits?

It lowers your cost of ownership and is super convenient. For various reasons, you may prefer to buy a bike rather than to take a bike on subscription, in which case this is a free option for you to benefit from hassle-free bike disposal whilst also getting paid a fair residual value.

Q: What is a fair residual value?

To keep things simple, we apply the same logic to all bikes. We combine a monthly depreciation schedule with objective condition criteria to provide a clear idea of repurchase value at any point in time. Bikes depreciate faster in their first years, when they are newer. We apply 35% depreciation of the original sale price in year one, 20% in year two and 15% in year three (pro-rated monthly). This means that if your bike has normal wear and tear you could get back 45% of
the price you paid after two years! For bikes with heavier use we may reduce the offer price to cover the costs of additional repairs. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Q: When can I request a buy-back offer?

You can request a buy-back offer between 12 and 36 months post your original purchase date. We then pro-rate depreciation monthly to produce your offer value. Your offer value is finalised once we have physically inspected your bike to confirm its condition. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Q: Do I have to take another bike?

No. If you do take another bike we will apply your credit against the new purchase or subscription and you can benefit from our easy exchange programme. Otherwise you may redeem the credit in our online shop against all non-sale items.

Q: Why does Revolv offer this?

We only sell high-quality bikes that have a usable life of at least 5 years, if well-maintained and refurbished. These bikes then enter our pre-loved subscription fleet and support our aims regarding the circular economy as well as making higher-quality bikes available to even more kids!

Q: How do I return the bike to you?

Either you can drop the bike back to one of our physical locations or we can send you a bike bag for you to post us the bike. If you are 'upgrading' for another bike then this will follow our exchange process.

Shipping & Returns

Q: What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is free for all new orders of CHF 50 and above. For orders of less than CHF 50 we group together items and charge a single CHF 14.50 postage fee where no large bikes are included within the order, or CHF 29 where there are large bikes. Our primary shipping partner is Planzer whose service allows for delivery tracking and management online. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.

Q: What if the bike is not right, can I test ride it first?

Don't worry, we can change it! We offer a 14-day at-home test ride. If you decide a bike is not right you can return it to us. You may also visit our showroom if you wish to try multiple bikes. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Whether a subscription or a purchase, the short answer is Yes! Please see our Refund policy for more information.

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