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Safety tips

Have you got the basics covered?

Whether riding on-road or off-road, day or night, a few simple steps will help to keep your clan safe and comfortable:

  • Protect - a high-quality, good-fitting helmet is a must. Do not settle for less!
  • Be seen - lights are essential at night and can help your child be seen better even during the day
  • Be heard - can be as important as being seen, especially if approaching from behind
  • Secure - keep your trusty steed secure at home, plus a portable lock provides flexibility whilst out on adventures
  • Hydrate - even little people can work-up a big thirst on longer rides
  • Be prepared - a portable tool, mini-pump and easy puncture repair kit can drastically improve the outcome of longer rides!
Go further

You might also consider...

For extra comfort, or simply fun, depending on the nature of your adventure!

  • Extra protection - gloves, knee/elbow pads, back protectors
  • Cool threads - look cool and keep cool with riding-specific apparel
  • Storage - tool saddle-bags to luggage racks
  • Keep it practical - kickstands to mudguards
  • Aids - a bungee tow-rope to help small legs up big hills!