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Our mission

"Getting more kids riding, on higher quality bikes, at lower cost and more sustainably"

Today, bikes have to compete for our children's attention so much harder...but riding is as rewarding as ever and bikes are better than ever!

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Circular economy

What is the circular economy?

The ‘circular economy’ rethinks traditional linear models of production and consumption. At its core, it seeks to keep resources in use for as long as possible, reduce waste, and minimise negative environmental impacts.

What does this mean for bikes?

Bikes, like other goods, should be built to last. We should be willing to pay for quality that will endure, not to buy cheaply and throw away.

This is a much better use of resources, requiring less raw materials and incurring less production and transport costs.

Higher quality bicycle components not only last longer and work better, but are also less likely to fail, especially if they are regularly maintained, therefore being safer.

How will this make bike ownership cheaper?

We facilitate you paying only for the period that you use a bike and the sharing of total expenses over multiple owners, lowering costs for each individual owner.

We facilitate the exchange of bikes between owners thus increasing the use of each bike.

By carefully maintaining and refurbishing bikes between owners we can maximise their useful life.

Moreover, the subscription model makes bikes even more accessible by replacing large upfront costs with a much more manageable monthly subscription, making higher quality more affordable.

Finally, used bike subscriptions are offered at a lower price point, thus making quality bikes available to a broader range of consumers and budgets.

What does this mean for new bikes?

Great news! You can still subscribe for, or buy, a brand new bike and support the circular economy by:

1). buying higher quality products with less built-in obsolesce, thus reducing waste, and;

2). ensuring your bike will go on to be well maintained and used, to extend its useful life.

Rethinking bike ownership... access to better bikes at lower cost and with less environmental impact...for everyone!

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