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Here's a quick run-through of the key decisions that you'll need to make

Choosing the type of bike based upon your child's age, ability and where they will ride the bike.

We stock a full range of bikes adapted for different levels and styles of riding. We group these into several categories, with indicative age ranges noted on our site:

Balance bikes: No pedals here! This is how kids learn how to ride a bike. How to balance and manoeuvre a bike. We strongly advise against stabilisers which subsequently have to be unlearned (hence you won't find any in our shop)!

Balance bikes are designed low to the ground for stability and to instill confidence. Your child should start with their feet flat on the ground to begin with, which our minimum inseam measurements guide, and you can raise the saddle incrementally as their confidence grows. In time, they will naturally learn to lift their feet a little and roll. Then they'll roll a little further. Next, they'll experiment with rolling and turning at the same time. It's an intuitive process for them which comes with time on the bike.

Brakes need not be learned initially - it will probably be too much to take in depending on the child's age - but they are a very useful addition once your child has mastered the balance basics.

Bikes tend not to be too specialised at this early age, mostly running slick or low profile tyres (i.e. not too knobbly!), but there are exceptions - just check out the Dirt Hero bike for any future MTB champs!

We stock three sizes of balance bike (with 10", 12" and 14" wheels), allowing kids to get on two wheels from as early as 18 months old, whilst also accommodating older children and balance progression for a number of years.

First pedals: Here we go! Your child has been zooming around on their balance bike for a while. Maybe they're getting towards the top of the saddle height and their legs are still bent close to a right angle at the knee. Not least, they're ready to explore further afield, and faster, and that requires a machine with pedal power and good brakes!

Depending on your child's height and their confidence on a bike, either a 14" (a little smaller) or 16" (a little bigger) wheeled bike will be the best size to progress to for those first revolutions. Again, please follow inseam measurements to confirm sizing pre-order (more on that below!).

All of our first pedal bikes come with front and rear caliper brakes (not coaster brakes, which are another thing to have to 'unlearn' later!), tyres that can handle some light trails and are single speed. We have belt-driven bikes as well as those with a well thought-out classic chain set-up.

Town / Hybrid / Mountain / Road / Gravel! The clue is in the name! Whilst first pedal bikes are essentially hybrids, the bike world thereafter offers different types of bikes to suit different types of riding, with the introduction of gears across the board.

For urban jaunts and school commutes, possibly carrying luggage, a town bike might suit you. A hybrid bike provides the flexibility to ride on easy trails too, with luggage racks available for certain models. A mountain bike will be a bit more cumbersome on the road but allow full freedom off-road. A road bike will have you whizzing along the asphalt at new-found speeds! It that wasn't enough, our road bikes also come with 'gravel' tyres so that they can moonlight as hybrid bikes too!

Measure your child's inseam, to determine the right size

Whilst not the only factor to consider when assessing the correct size of bike for your child, the inseam measure is the primary factor. It determines if your child is going to be able to put their feet firmly on the floor when they sit on the saddle, for maximum control and to inspire confidence. Typically a child's inseam, height, and reach will all be related, and given the saddle is the principal contact area, this is the best singular measure to focus on.
The other consideration is your child's skill-level on a bike. The more practice they've had, the more adept they've become, the less they'll need reassurance about planting their feet and the more they'll be able to handle larger and heavier frames and wheels - within reason!
The beauty of our model is that your child can always have the correct size of bike - gone are the days where you'd buy a big bike that was too big and "grow into it"!
So what do you measure and how? Easy peasy:
  1. Get your child to stand against the wall
  2. Place a book between their legs and ask them to hold it as high as is comfortable, keeping one edge of the book against the wall so that it stays square
  3. Measure the distance from the top of the book to the floor
  4. Repeat a couple of times for accuracy!

Now head to our bikes armed with this new-found knowledge! If you are in between two size ranges, or on the cusp of the next size, then consider how comfortable your child is on a bike. If they've spent lots of time on a bike already, you are probably safe to size up. If they are still building their skills or lacking confidence, it may be best to play it safe and not size-up straight away.

Browse our selection of high-quality, lightweight, kids-specific bikes

We've taken care of curating a range of top-quality bikes that you can trust to serve you well. Now you know more about the different types of bikes, and armed with your child's inseam, you can get stuck into the details (and colour choices!) of the models that correspond to your needs, safe in the knowledge that you can upgrade easily as soon as six months into a subscription.

Decide if you wish to subscribe or buy

This last one is really up to you. There are significant benefits to taking a bike on subscription; not least, you can access brand-new bikes without large upfront costs and at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of buying a bike.

Save even more once we have pre-loved bikes back in our stable - do register your interest over email, or via 'back-in-stock' alerts on our site, so that we can keep you informed.

However, we appreciate there may be circumstances where you prefer to buy a bike and we do not wish to exclude anyone from our range of great bikes and the ability to lower the cost of ownership via our repurchase programme.

Overall we are agnostic as to whether you subscribe or buy with a repurchase guarantee. Both routes support our mission to get more kids riding, higher-quality bikes, at lower cost and more sustainably!

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