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Rascal Kickstand

CHF 19.00

Rentals: monthly payments; 12 month minimum contract

Rascal Kickstand prevents the bike from unwanted wear-out and inspires your child to be responsible. By choosing the ride size of the bicycle stand you can equip all the basic Rascal bike models from size 14” to 26”. The installation is easy due to the pre-prepared mounting points.

Key features:

  • Made of light aluminium material
  • Designed for models Rascal 14 to 26 (starting with the 2022 series)
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy to mount thanks to the pre-prepared points
  • Fitted by our professional mechanics if ordered with bike.
Note: subscription items are only eligible for free shipping if ordered at the same time as the bike, or if cart value exceeds threshold for free shipping.  Otherwise any shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.

    Chossing the right size
    Size S is designed for models Rascal 14.
    Size M is designed for models Rascal 16 and Rascal 20.
    Size L is designed for models Rascal 24, 26 and Rascal Wild 24.
    Warning! This type of bicycle stand is not compatible with Rascal Wild 27, 29 and Rascal Rebel 27, 29.

    Mounting instructions

    1. Mount the stand on the pre-prepared points on the bottom side of the left rear stay using the given bolts.
    2. Use the 3mm Allen key to tighten the bolts to 5Nm.
    3. Set the length of the stand with the help of 2.5mm Allen key (max. 2Nm). WARNING!  Overtightening the adjustment bolt can damage the stand!