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Hornit MINI light and horn

Light and horn in one - they will hear you coming!
CHF 24.50


MINI is the ultimate lights and sound effects horn for children’s bikes and scooters. Loaded with 25 sounds including fire engine, police siren, motorbike, bike bell and wolf, your child’s imagination will run wild.

The Mini Hornit is both a light and a horn, so you can be seen and heard - and have fun at the same time!

The 12 lumen lights have 6 light settings including white and green, constant and flashing.

The Mini Hornit comes with a remote trigger for easy operation: there's no need to take your hands off the handlebars.

The wings make it easy to attach the Mini Hornit to any bike or scooter and the bug eyes complete insect-like look.

The light is weather proof (IP33) and requires 2x AAA batteries.

See a short clip of it it in action here


25 SOUNDS: Bike Bell - Olé Trumpet - Racing Cars - Police Siren - Motorbike - Laser - Helicopter - Fire Engine - Fart - Magic Spell - Aeroplane - Hooter - Burp - Wolf - Rooster - Lion - Elephant - Horse - Hornet - Magic Carpet - Bomb Drop - Reversing Truck - Train - Klaxon - Zapper.
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: HORN 98mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h) 60g / TRIGGER 355mm(l) x 20mm(w) x 9mm(h) 10g
BATTERIES: 2 x AAA batteries 24g
COLOURS: Available in 4 Colours (turquoise, blue, red and black.)
TOTAL WEIGHT: HORN 98mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h) 60g / TRIGGER 355mm(l) x 20mm(w) x 9mm(h) 10g
INGRESS PROTECTION RATING: IP33 Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter